Working in Braunschweig

With a diverse mixture of sectors and internationally active companies, Braunschweig offers an exciting working environment with future potential – for specialists and executives as well as for young professionals and trainees. If you are looking for the best career opportunities combined with a high quality of life, then Braunschweig is exactly the right place for you. The business and innovation-friendly climate, the numerous renowned research institutions as well as the Technical University are the reason for the above-average number of company start-ups in the high-tech sectors. The spectrum of the business location Braunschweig ranges from the financial sector through the health economy and biotechnology and on to the competence fields of IT and mobility.

A place for creative minds, visionary ideas and courageous hearts

The pro-business and innovation-friendly climate, the numerous prestigious research institutions and the Technical University are the reason for the above-average number of start-ups in the high-tech sectors. With the highest concentration of IT employees in the whole of Northern Germany and a vibrant cultural and creative atmosphere, Braunschweig’s start-up scene is something to be proud of. Founders appreciate in particular the uncomplicated ways in which they can initiate a dialogue, create networks and receive helpful assistance throughout all phases of development. More than 20 consulting facilities enable comprehensive all-round support for all forms of questions regarding business start-ups. More and more innovation hotspots, such as the open high-tech lab Protohaus, the Bunker or the TRAFO Hub – a node for the digital community – offer the many creative minds, designers, IT and engineering nerds, lateral thinkers and pioneers ideal conditions for the evolvement and development of intelligent solutions and business models.

The future is here – at the innovation location Braunschweig

The Braunschweig region is one of the most research-intensive regions in Europe. With a multitude of internationally-renowned research facilities, the Braunschweig region possesses a very high science-based potential for innovation. In a nationwide comparison of regions, Braunschweig occupies first place as regards the proportion of employees in the science sector. Around 33,000 students study at the Technical University of Braunschweig, the Braunschweig University of Art and the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Salzgitter, Wolfenbüttel and Wolfsburg. The innovation location is characterized in particular by the interlocking of diverse high-tech core competences and the superb networking between science and industry. In the north of the city the Braunschweig Research Airport is located, one of the most important centres for transportation research in Europe, in all areas of mobility, from automotive to air and rail transport.

A favourable location

As the second-largest city in Lower Saxony, Braunschweig is located in the heart of Northern Germany and forms the centre of the transportation hub Denmark-Italy/Southern Europe and Poland/Eastern Europe-Benelux. Motorway access, rail network and Hanover Airport ensure good transport connections to both national and international destinations. This is only one of the many reasons why renowned companies such as Volkswagen Financial Services AG and Siemens AG are based in Braunschweig.

City Film “Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft“ (Science and Economy)

The short film “Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft” (Science and Economy) provides personal insights into the science and business location Braunschweig from the point of view of movers and shakers from the Lion City.